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Featured Doula: Ericka Thompson

Featured Doula, LA Doula
Featured Doula: Ericka Thompson

Ericka Thompson

Los Angeles/ Surrounding counties 

Ericka Michelle Doula Services 

1. What inspired you to begin your doula journey?

From a young age I was fascinated by birth and babies. 6 year old me LOVED watching “A Baby Story” on TLC. I’ve been very maternal my entire life. My parents always laughed at me because I preferred hanging out with adults and their newborns, rather than playing with kids my age.  I’ve also always wanted to be a midwife and I’m hoping this will lead into a future career in midwifery. 

2. What training/experience do you have? 

I trained at Bini Birth in Los Angeles, through Ana Paula, who happens to be the president of DONA International!  Since then, I’ve attended my first birth! 

3. What is your purpose/mission/style as a doula?

I believe I am diverse and very open minded, I want to be accessible to everyone! I don’t think doulas should be a luxury, they should be a necessity! I want to comfort, assist, and support. I believe in empowerment!

4. What makes you unique as a doula?

What makes me unique is my passion & wanting to help empower at a young age

3. How do you think doula’s positively impact birth? 

WHERE DO I EVEN START? I could go on a rant about this.. Doulas strive to empower & help you rock through your birth. We are knowledgeable, a hand to hold, loving, guiding, and we try to take away as much tension as possible. Also, with stats proving you are less likely to have interventions with a doula! 

4. What advice would you give someone looking to hire doula?

Make sure you are connected and comfortable with your doula! Make sure your philosophies are coherent.

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1 Comment

Aug 21, 2018

It's wonderful to hear about someone interested in childbirth from a young age. I wish Ericka the best in her doula work and becoming a midwife!

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