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Featured Doula: Kourtney LaBrie

Kourtney LaBrie

Serving Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

1. What inspired you to begin your doula journey?

My inspiration came from my own experience during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, which was not the greatest. So after finding out about the birth community and what it provides I then wanted to be apart of something that would give to other mothers what I feel was taken away from me.

2. What training/experience do you have?

My initial training was done through BEST for my Doula Certification. I have yet to get any hands on training or experience but I am still trying.

3. What is your purpose/mission/style as a doula?

My mission as a doula is simple. I want to be that safe haven or comfort zone for moms. I want them to feel empowered and have the best experience possible regardless of any circumstances that may come up last minute. Growing a baby, meeting the baby for the first time and going through those first 2-3 months can be challenging but so rewarding.

4.What makes me unique as a doula?

Probably that being cookie cutter perfect is not my style. I am real and sometimes unfiltered. TMI is not a thing to me. I believe in connections and peoples energy. I am quirky and i the client is always my priority.  I strive to be the warm light in the room when i walk in.

5. How do you think doula’s positively impact birth?

Doulas positivity impact birth by supporting the mom and dad. Can’t forget about the dad. Whatever they need to have the birth they always dreamed of we are there to make that happen as close as possible even if things go wrong or make a turn for the unexpected. We empower them, educate them, give them tips and tricks to make life easier etc.

6. What advice would you give someone looking to hire doula?

If someone is looking to hire a doula the best advice i would give is to go with their gut feeling. The client will know which doula is the right one if they listen to their gut. Its not always about how much experience someone has but the connection that is made from the beginning.

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