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Featured Doula: Lydia Kessler

Tennessee Doula, Knoxville Doula
Lydia Kessler, Featured Doula

Lydia Kessler

Tennessee Doula: Serving the city of Knoxville and it's surrounding areas.

Owner of Bloom Birth Services.

1. What inspired you to begin your doula journey?I was most inspired by the birth of my own baby to become educated about birth.  After going through birth and postpartum, and all the highs and lows that come with it, I realized that women need better support in their motherhood journey.  I began reaching out to doulas in my area and researched anything and everything I could about motherhood and birth.  I haven't looked back since.

2. What training/experience do you have?

I chose to do my certification through Birth Arts International, which has been amazing.  I have also nannied for countless families, specifically working with infants.  Through that I plan to do postpartum work, as well as prenatal massage.

3. What is your purpose/mission/style as a doula?

I think my mission as a doula is continuously evolving.  I started this journey, purely wanting to educate myself.  Now I desire to help educate others and "normalize" birth, if you will.  In the future I can see myself becoming even more involved in the community, and possibly even opening a pregnancy center of some sort.  This passion of mine continues to grow, and so I can see my focus shifting and growing as I do.

4. What makes you unique as a doula?

I think what makes me different as a doula is that I have a genuine love for all my clients.  I don't just see them as clients, but as people who I genuinely care for and desire to help in every and any way that I can.  I invest myself in my clients and therefore see a stronger doula-client relationship.  

5. How do you think doula’s positively impact birth?

Doulas have this amazing way of bringing peace into a situation that may be shaky.  I have often found myself in situations with clients who are nervous about their birth, or are on the edge of giving into the pain of labor.  I think just having someone there as a voice of reason, of comfort, and of knowledge is incredibly empowering.

6. What advice would you give someone looking to hire doula?

My advice would be to do your research, interview everyone that you can, (whether they're new, or you don't think you can afford them,) and ask lots of questions.  There is a doula for every woman out there, you deserve someone that you feel comfortable with and who you feel will best support you in the ways that you need to be supported.  Trust your gut.

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