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Featured Doula: OliveRose Doula, Olive Naftzger

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Los Angeles birth doula
OliveRose Doula, Olive Naftzger

Olive Naftzger, OliveRose Doula is a birth doula based out of Los Angeles California. Olive is passionate about working with expectant mothers and families as they journey into parenthood and she feels honored to witness and support their process of self-empowerment.

1. What inspired you to begin your doula journey?

I have always been someone who feels naturally called to take care of and support others. However, I began my doula journey, first out of a need for some direction as I was approaching my graduation from college. When my mom casually suggested to me that I look into doula work I quickly fell in love with the birth process and the art of holding space for a birthing person. As soon as I began researching and learning about doula work, I was almost magnetically drawn to it and pretty soon after took my doula training with an amazing doula and childbirth educator, Ana Paula Markel, who inspired me so much to continue down this path. 

2. What type of training do you have?

I took my DONA international doula training in Los Angeles this past winter with Ana Paula. I have also trained in the use of essential oils for birth work online through Brilliant Birth Academy and am a certified level 1 reiki practitioner! I recently attended my first birth which was absolutely beautiful and better than I could've even dreamed of. 

3.What is your purpose/mission/style as a doula?

My purpose as a doula is to hold a space of unconditional support and love for birthing people and their partners as they journey through pregnancy and birth. My guiding principle is one of non-judgement and acceptance. I aim to support and maintain an environment in which the birthing person is able to illuminate her own empowerment and confidence no matter what her specific birthing choices may be. I embrace diversity and individuality in birth and love witnessing the "re-birth" of people into parents. 

4.What makes you unique as a doula?

That's a tough one... What I would normally say makes me unique as a person are things that most doulas naturally are as well! I think one thing makes me unique as a doula is how young I am. I am only 21, have no children and am just starting my doula journey but I am so excited to learn and gain more experience and confidence in myself. 

5. How do you think doula’s positively impact birth?

You truly can't deny the statistics that prove the power of having a doula! One thing doula's can offer ia a sense of calm and reassurance that is unwavering and constant. While other birth professionals can be great sources of this confidence and reassurance as well, they likely cannot be consistently present throughout the entire birth like a doula can. One of the many positive impacts of a doula is this ability to be fully present and fully attentive to the birthing person. A doula supports an environment in which the birthing person is able to feel confident in their ability to birth, their bodies, minds, and themselves which is one of the most powerful determinants of a positive birth experience. 

6. What advice would you give someone looking to hire doula?

My advice to someone looking to hire a doula is to find someone who you feel connected to in some way. Whether they make you feel especially heard and listened to, you feel uniquely comfortable or safe around them, or you feel some sort of emotional connection with them, ideally your doula should be someone who uplifts and makes you feel comfortable and calm during this exciting time. Finding a doula that you are able to connect to and who you feel truly yourself around can make the experience of birth that much more special.

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