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My "Scent-sational Day"

My "Scent-sational Day" inspired by Kathryn S. Ramirez’ very first aromatherapy assignment on her Blog at My Scent-sational Day.

Something that I have always loved about myself was my super sniffer! I have a degree in Culinary Arts and I always felt like Remy from Disney's Ratatouille as I would hold a bushel of herbs and jars of spices up to my nose. I remember, there was nothing quite as satisfying as a deep into the abundant rich aromas. The deep warmth of freshly cracked pepper finishing the perfect dish. The tantalizing smell of mint freshly washed ready to garnish.

I woke up, it was January 23, 2023. It was 7:30 and the alarm went off. I had a class that started at 8am, 8am had never felt so early. I layed in bed contemplating the day ahead. David was down stairs getting baby Mac ready for school. I could smell the toasty, full bodied coffee brewing downstairs. Growing up Mormon I never developed a relationship with the scent of coffee, so my relationship with this bold beautiful smell is new--exciting. A smile dances across my face because I remembered we had new beans to try.

I throw my robe on and notice that it smells freshly washed, clean. I rub my eyes, and stretch my arms out slowly as the fuzzy robe embraces me.

As I walk down my stairs I smell the fresh soil, and musky terracotta. I stop to look at my Pink Princess Philodendron (who is currently pushing out FIVE new dramatically pink leaves). I tell her good morning, and gaze at my indoor stairwell jungle. I smell four dirty paws behind me as my St. Berdoodle (75 pounds) tuxedo boy looks at me with his big goofy eyes wondering why I am aimlessly smelling my plants in the stairwell.

He smells bacon. Then so do I. It's truly an undeniable smell. Salty, sweet, fatty.

After eating I wander upstairs to hop on my class. I open my office door and am greeted with the persistent smell of lemon balm that I spilled in one of my wooden office drawers two terms ago. The lemon balm is both overpowering, and yet soothing as it became one with the woodsy drawer.

After class I turn on my lamp, and notice that the heat of the lamp is still producing a plasticky, off gas smell. I diffuse some lavender essential oil to take my mind off of it. The sweetness fills my nose and I continue to study.

Four hours later I wander back downstairs for lunch and I smell warm bread, sharp cheddar cheese and acidic tomato soup. David had made me lunch.

Back up to my office to study, the faint smell of lavender lingering I change the diffuser water and add a couple of drops of wild orange, energizing, lush, tart. I sit back and observe the smell. The lingering lavender and wild orange dance around the room almost competing for front stage, the lavender fades and the wild orange fills my lungs.

I have a chiropractor appointment so I walk out to my car and it smells like recent rain. I live in Washington so this is a familiar smell. The sun is shining and I can almost smell it. It smells like warmth, new evaporation and when I get into my car I notice that the same plasticky smell that my lamp was producing is back.

Walking into the chiropractors office I smell tiger balm, supplements, and new carpet. I lay down for my adjustment and all I can think about is the fibers in my face mask blocking the smell from me.

I get home and go straight back up to my office. I crack open a bottle of kombucha and the floral notes jump off the page, rose, vanilla, guava. The sticky sweetness welcomes me to take a sip. I sit back and enjoy.

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