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Guest Article: Daniel Sherwin Preparing for Pregnancy: 5 Budget-Friendly Tips

Preparing for Pregnancy: 5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Expectant Individuals by Daniel Sherwin:

Having a baby is a joyous experience for many, but it’s no secret that getting pregnant, giving birth, and raising a child come at a price. In addition to the high cost of pregnancy and delivery, there are essential expenses such as baby monitors, strollers, diapers, car seats, and bassinets — and then there’s childcare, food, housing, and transportation.

Fortunately, there are several steps expectant individuals can take during pregnancy to keep costs down as they prepare for their new baby. In the sections below, birth doula Emily McGregor shares five budget-friendly tips for parents as they prepare their minds, bodies, homes, and wallets for their new bundle of joy.

1. Care for Your Mind, Body, and Baby

Pregnancy is a huge adjustment for the mind and body, and it’s important to emotionally and physically prepare yourself as you get ready to welcome your new baby into the world. This means eating nutritious foods, keeping stress levels to a minimum, and living a healthy lifestyle — ideally before you or your partner even becomes pregnant.

Here are some cost-effective ways to care for your mind, body, and baby during pregnancy:

  • Exercising for at least 30 minutes each day, if possible.

  • Using free pregnancy exercise apps such as Kegel Trainer, Baby2Body, Down Dog, and Tone It Up.

  • Supplementing with prenatal vitamins.

  • Relieving stress by stretching at your desk during the day, practicing deep breathing, and sipping on peppermint tea.

  • Saving money on healthy eating by meal planning, growing an herb garden, and buying frozen fruits and veggies.

2. Look for Affordable Doula Services

To help you prepare your body and mind for the arrival of your baby, consider enlisting the services of a doula childbirth educator. Emily McGregor offers affordable birth doula services, lactation support, and childbirth education classes to people of all races, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, and religions — helping to make your pregnancy journey as healthy, comfortable, and empowering as possible.

3. Identify Your Birth Preferences

It’s never too early to start thinking about your birth and labor preferences, as these preferences can help you to choose a maternity hospital and doctor that best aligns with your wants and needs. You can also share these preferences with your doula and he or she will ensure your birthing wishes are acknowledged and followed as best as possible.

4. Shop for Budget-Friendly Baby Gear

From maternity clothing for yourself to bottles, diapers, wardrobe essentials, and feeding supplies for your little one, there are so many items to purchase before welcoming your baby into the world. Parents shares some tips for buying baby gear on a budget, such as creating a baby registry for friends and family, buying secondhand when possible, and using social media to look for sales and coupon codes from your favorite pregnancy brands.

A few places to buy secondhand baby gear include the following:

  • Good Buy Gear

  • ThredUp

  • Facebook Marketplace

  • Mercari

  • OfferUp

  • Baby Outfitter

5. Tackle Financial Tasks

As you prepare for the arrival of your little one, don’t wait to tackle financial tasks such as creating a budget, writing a will, purchasing life insurance, and revisiting your existing health insurance policy. It’s also a good time to consider your current and future housing needs and start budgeting for a home. Typically, your home buying budget will depend on your monthly expenses, annual income, down payment amount, mortgage type, and annual percentage rate (APR).

Prepare for Pregnancy Without Breaking the Bank

As exciting as pregnancy can be, it’s a stressful time for many expectant individuals — especially those on a limited budget. But fortunately, having a healthy pregnancy and delivering a baby into the world doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you look for ways to save along the way. From buying used baby gear to looking for affordable doula services, there are a number of ways to keep pregnancy expenses down without sacrificing the comfort, health, or safety of you and your little bundle of love.

Are you looking for affordable doula childbirth services in Kitsap County? Contact doula Emily McGregor at 360-878-7134 or by scheduling a free consultation.

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