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Guest article: Deciding Whether to Register at Target or Walmart by Kristin Louis

When it's time to register for your baby's needs, there are many places you can choose from. Two of the more common places that moms- and dads-to-be select are Target and Walmart. But how do you know which place is the better one to register with? It comes down to a few factors, and the best way to decide is by comparing the two.

Cost Comparison

Savings and Target Promo Codes

Target claims they'll match the price of an item if you buy a qualifying item at Target and then find the identical item for less at, select online competitors, or in Target's or a competitor's local print ad.

They also have plenty of coupons they'll accept, and if you look online you can find additional savings opportunities. What’s more, they often have their items on sale, which ends up making their prices lower than Walmart. Topping it all off, NerdWallet notes if you have their Red Card, you get an additional 5% off your purchases. 

“Everyday Low Prices” at Walmart

There's a lot of benefits to shopping the “lowest advertised prices” at Walmart, though, and they do often undercut their competitors. They don't offer any discount cards, though, and their price match policy is a bit more restrictive.

Winner: Tie. This one is hard to determine because it depends on the person doing the shopping. Would the person buying for you use coupons to shop? Do they have a Red Card? That all matters. 

Ease of Use

Functionality at Target

Target's website is easy to use, and the registry has many perks. There's a smart checklist that crosses off items as you build your registry, and you can keep up with who gave you what and who you've already thanked. You can personalize your page with photos, a custom URL, and more.

The registry even has an app that scans barcodes and easily manages your registry, and it’s available for both Apple and Android users. Another added benefit is that you can add the items you want from other websites, too, meaning you only have to maintain one registry, and guests can contribute toward larger items with the group gifting option.

Easy Shopping at Walmart

At Walmart, you can't see many of the registry functions without joining, which is a bit of a letdown. There is a personalized item list that's easy to edit and replace items on, and an app lets you access your registry anytime and scan items in-store to register for them. 

Winner: Target. The website is easier to use, along with there being more beneficial features included, both for registrants and guests. 


Name Brands Abound at Target

Target boasts the ability to register for top brands like Graco, Johnsons, Huggies, Seventh Generation, Fisher-Price, Dreft, Honest, Munchkin, Evenflo, Aveeno Baby, and up & up (Target brand). According to Good Housekeeping, Target brand diapers are a good buy, and moms often agree.

Plenty of Options at Walmart

At Walmart, you'll find brands like Owlet, Nanobebe, Jujube, BOB, Huggies, Graco, Nuk, Disney Baby, Chicco, and Child of Mine by Carters. There are over 4,700 stores, which makes it very easy to find one to shop at. Walmart brand diapers didn't fare as well in tests, getting a below-average score for absorbency speed. 

Winner: Target wins here, but only by an edge. The selection is similar, but with there being more Walmarts around, it's more convenient to shop if you don't count online shopping. Overall though, with that Good Housekeeping test, Target wins.

Who Wins the Match?

When it comes down to who has the best baby registry and where you should register, it looks like Target is the winner, but ultimately, it depends on which store you like the best. And, hey, the good news is they both offer worthy products, are shopper-friendly and have good prices! Remember, you have to work with the registry and do any returns. So, the best place to pick is the place where you enjoy shopping the most.

Image courtesy of Pexels

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