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Who is The Rosewater Doula?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

2019 Update: My Family and I have MOVED BACK to the PNW! Woohoo! I am continuing my doula work in Kitsap County! If you are looking for a Doula in Silverdale, Port Orchard, Bremerton, Poulsbo or a surrounding area please contact me and we can meet for some tea!

POSTED 2017-2018:

Hi, I’m Emily McGregor, the Rosewater Doula! My family and I recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, but I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. There I fell in love with all things “crunchy,” and holistic. I tell people it's in my “evergreen” roots. My parents are both certified nutritionists, and are extremely passionate about health. Their vast wealth of knowledge has been a great blessing in my life. Over the years I've gleaned a lot through osmosis, but I feel inspired to continue my own personal endeavors in developing “cleaner” and “greener” healthy habits in my own life. I'm always game for a conversation about the joy of fermented foods, the myriad benefits of micro-biomes, and the importance of gut health. Thanks Mom and Dad.

People often ask me, “What got you into Doula work?" Seven years ago my sister invited me to the homebirth of her son. The experience left me spellbound. My sister’s midwife told me I had a gift, and suggested I become a doula. At the time, I didn’t even know what the word “doula” meant, but I nevertheless felt called to serve birthing people. Years later, my sister then comforted and supported me (and my partner!) during the labor and arrival of my own daughter. Bringing my daughter into the world under such loving circumstances taught me what a doula truly was, and how greatly they are needed in today’s society. I trained with DONA International shortly after.

I chose DONA international because of DONA’s rich history, solid mission, and long standing positive reputation. DONA has been setting a global standard for over 25 years, and is one of the original non-profit doula training organization. Birthing people that hire a DONA doula can be confident they are hiring someone who has completed an advanced, in-depth training that is 100% evidence-based. I truly believe there is a doula for every person that wants one.

In my doula training, I learned how birthing used to look for thousands of years. Birth was the center of the community. Whether it was in a tribe, village or town, people would gather around to support the birthing person. Over the centuries, birth spaces began to lose that important element of collective support. As a doula, it is my mission to bring the aspect of 'collective support' back into a birth space. It is said, "many hands make for light work," and in a birth space, that phrase couldn't be more true! As a trained professional, my goal is to bring peace and comfort back into birthing spaces as I rally around the birthing person and their team, just as my sister had done for me and my partner. I am enthusiastic, compassionate, and always working to stay current with evidence-based research. I strive to anticipate my client’s needs, and am a strong advocate for their individual values and vision. Upon moving to Charlotte, I was excited to bring my doula career and jump right into the birth worker community. There are so many doulas that have welcomed me into their circles; we have learned, laughed, and grown together. I feel proud and privileged to work among the amazing doulas here in Charlotte.

Silverdale, Bremerton, Kitsap County
Kitsap Doula, Emily McGregor, The Rosewater Doula

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